Recovering from Infidelity


Are you wondering if there is a chance to save your relationship after an affair took place? Is surviving infidelity possible?

Affairs take a halt in the progress of relationships, and sometimes, sadly, end relationships. Is surviving infidelity even possible? Feelings of betrayal can be debilitating and a source of pain.  You want things to be back the way they used to. You may be experiencing that being at home and sharing the same bed with your loved one is now a difficult thing to do.
You yearn to be at home again, but it has become easier and safer to be out because you are either arguing all the time or ignoring one another.  You are probably spending hours wondering how to move past the affair, and asking yourself, is it even possible?

  • Can you be forgiven?

  • Can I forgive?

  • Why did it happen?

You are probably flip-flopping between looking at counselors’ websites and divorce lawyers’ websites. Should we divorce? Should we try to fix this? The anguish of not knowing where to start is exhausting and at the same time infuriating.

If you are looking at this website, it’s because you have a glimmer of hope and motivation to recover from the affair and surviving infidelity.
Seeking couples counseling can offer a place to explore ways to re-establish trust and re-define the relationship.  Many wonder if trust can be rebuilt in a relationship, and, the answer is: YES! it can be achieved. Surviving infidelity is possible!

Couples counseling to recover from an affair can help you get back the confidence in your relationship and feel that trust is regained. You may as well be able to dream once again about a bright future together.  Couples that go through infidelity counseling may become closer to one another and describe having a better relationship than before the affair ever took place.
With the right guidance, commitment, time, and patience, it is possible to recover your relationship, and even have a better one.  Whether you are dating, living together, or married, couples & marriage counseling can help heal and redefine a relationship that was hurt by betrayal.

Counselor in Plantation Florida Sofia M. Robirosa LMFT

As a Marriage Counselor, Wife and Owner of Infinite Therapeutic Services with vast experience of working with couples, I understand the complexities of romantic relationships. Relationships are beautiful; however, they are are also intricate and ever-changing. We offer an experienced, safe and confidential approach to our couples.  We are passionately committed to helping you find long-lasting solutions to your relationship issues. We enjoy working with a diverse population and we are an LGBTQ ally. To read more about us, please click here.


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