In Home or In Office Therapy

Wherever you feel comfortable.

At Infinite Therapeutic Services we want you to feel comfortable when receiving counseling services. This is why we offer the option of in-home and in-office appointments. This way, you can receive counseling in the most convenient way possible.

Counselor in Plantation Florida


In-home counseling appointments can be a helpful benefit for those who want to avoid being seen going to a therapist office.  Perhaps you have small children or you just feel more comfortable in your own home.  We understand, today's hectic multimodal life can make it challenging to get to yet another appointment or get your spouse and family in the car for a visit.  Maybe you just simply like the convenience of having counseling in your home.  No matter the case, we are pleased to extend in-home counseling for you.


In-office counseling visits also have their benefits.  We offer a safe and judgment free environment that is comfortable and non-territorial.  In-office counseling is especially helpful for couples and families who wish to gain assistance with their issues on "safe" ground.  Individuals also find in-office counseling beneficial when trying to manage issues one-on-one.

In-home and in-office appointments are available on weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays to meet your specific needs.

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