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When you found out you were becoming a parent, thinking about the difficulties you might encounter with your infant, child or teen, was probably not on the top of your list of things to worry about.  Soon after the first time you held your child in your arms, being a parent became a mixed reality of excitement and stress.  What if you could transform your family relationship?  Click here to see how we can help with family counseling.

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”

– Michael J. Fox

Ask Yourself?


  • 01

    Are you exhausted by the constant struggle to get your child to follow rules?

  • 02

    Do you want to end the daily chore and homework battle?

  • 03

    Do you feel that the only type of dialogue you have with your child is yelling?


  • 04

    Are you worried that you are doing the right thing for your family?


  • 05

    Has your family recently gone through a major change and you are finding it difficult to adjust?

Parenting is a difficult task

one that oftentimes compels parents to seek help in the following areas:

  • Difficulties in adapting after having a newborn or infant
  • Getting a child or teen to follow rules at home and school
  • Communicating with a child or teen without fighting
  • Getting homework and chores done
  • Worrying that your child or teen is not learning the values they need to succeed in life
  • Having family activities that are pleasant
  • Worrying that, as a parent, one is doing the right thing
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you could get your child

to open up to you, respect you,

and really enjoy each other?




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Family counseling provides an opportunity to find solutions in these areas. As a mother, family counselor, and Owner of Infinite Therapeutic Services, I have over 8 years of experience working with parents and their children transform and enhance their relationship. At Infinite Therapeutic Services, we are experts who are passionately committed to helping families strengthen their connection to each other. In my case, I have completed graduate education in Family Systems, as well as Leader training in Active Parenting for Children and Teens, an evidenced based program.
We have worked with many different types of families.  Nowadays, the make up of families have transformed from what is considered to be a traditional family-two married parents with their child(ren), to co-parents, singles parents, step-parents, and relatives working toward the common goal of maintaining family unity. To read more about us, please click here.

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Here is how we can help:

Improving Communication

Improving communication skills within the family is an important element which will bring parents and children closer. We work to break down the communication barriers between parents and siblings alike. Together we can design a solution focused on the strengths of your family while addressing opportunity areas.

Family Therapy Feel Closer Connected
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It's not easy to discipline a child. Just getting a child or teen
to complete chores and homework can leave parents feeling exhausted and frustrated;  "Am i too hard on my child? Am i doing the right thing? Why does my child disobey me?" As parenting specialists, we can give you the tools you need to properly discipline your child or teen in a healthy way.

Quality Time

You've heard it before, quality over quantity. The same holds true for family time, too. Spending quality time with each other is essential to creating a lasting bond between parents and children. I can help you and your family create those lasting experiences.

Quality Time from Parenting Counseling in Sunrise Florida
Feeling Closer to Family Counselor therapy

Feeling Closer

Feeling closer and more connected to each other is something that all families want. Many factors can keep families from connecting; communication issues, disobedience, addiction, recent changes, work/life balance, technology and more. We can help your family reconnect and feel closer to one another.

Peace of mind

Every parent wants to feel like they are doing the right thing.  There are so many struggles that one can go through trying to raise a child with the right morals and behaviors so they may be successful when they grow up. We can help you achieve the confidence you need to feel you are doing the best for your children and family.

Feeling good about Parenting
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As Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, we understand the complexities of families. Family counseling can provide a safe place to work on, including but not limited to:

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- A child that has anger management problems
Grief and bereavement
- A child that has academic problems
- Sibling Relationships
- A defiant or oppositional child
- Stressors for caring for the elderly
- Addiction of a family member
- Divorce and Post Divorce / Family Changes
- Stressful family relocation from another state or country
- Immigration stressors
- Health stressors

We are top rated Family Counselors and Therapists located in Plantation, Florida, ( 33324 )  also serving the cities of Davie, Sunrise, and Weston.  In family counseling and family therapy, we strive to provide a place for everyone’s voice to be heard, explore opportunities to find solutions and increase trust and closeness with one another.

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