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Divorce counseling during and after divorce can help with obtaining support and move forward with a sense of renewal and harmony. We can help you today. 

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In divorce counseling, we focus on identifying the strengths of the individual with the purpose of finding change and long-lasting positive results. Through the use of successful divorce counseling interventions, individuals who undergo a divorce can find relief from the stressors and a clearer direction for their future. If you would like to learn more about us, click here.  As caring therapists, we understand how emotionally devastating divorce can be.

  • Are you overwhelmed with feelings of sadness?

  • Do you feel pessimistic about your future?

  • Do you feel stuck and wish you could start a new life already?

  • Do you find yourself angry that your ex is moving forward with another person?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the changes and added responsibilities of children and household?

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Divorce is a difficult time for anyone. Whether you were the one that initiated the divorce or not, the lingering feelings about divorce can be overwhelming. After all, divorce marks the end of a long term relationship, and the end of many dreams built together. This can cause sadness, anger, and even sometimes, depression or anxiety.

In addition, divorcees frequently wonder about the effects of divorce on their children, whether they are children or adults. Divorce is a major family change, and as such can be difficult to overcome as a family. The family unit has changed, and major family adjustments are needed. Some find it difficult to talk to their children about the divorce, and many times parenting decisions become informed by guilt


Everyone deserves to be free from the burdens of their past.  We can help you find closure through divorce counseling as we work together to create a new path for you and your future.  It is not uncommon for emotions around divorce to cause anxiety or depression. If you find that you are experiencing panic attacks and have a general feeling of tension, click here to read more about counseling for anxiety. If you find yourself lacking motivation, energy, and having general feelings of sadness, you may be experiencing depression. Click here to read more about counseling for depression.

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