Depression Therapy


As Caring Depression Counselors we understand that depression can affect anyone.  Depression and sadness are debilitating feelings, which are physically, emotionally and spiritually consuming.

A woman in need of depression therapy in Plantation, FL

Are you Experiencing:

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?
  • Do you feel you are living in a dark or foggy cloud of negative thoughts about yourself or life?
  • Have you gone through a tough situation and don’t seem to be able to move forward?
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever find true happiness again?
  • Are you ready for a brighter, lighter future?

Therapy for you with a depression counselor

Depression can start after a specific situation, like the loss of someone, the end of a relationship, a major life change, not being able to attain a goal, too much stress, amongst other reasons. Some people experience depression with what appears to be without a particular reason, but one of general negative thoughts about the self and life, such as general discontent in doing things and socializing like once before. Whichever reason is making you search for a depression counselor you are not alone. Depression is much more common than people believe, as it is estimated that more than 10% of the American population suffer from it, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

You could wake up without feeling like life is a heavy weight?

Horizontal-Line2Signs you should talk to a depression counselor:

  • Fatigue and lack of motivation
  • Crying excessively
  • Feelings of isolation/ not socializing
  • Lack of interest in activities that were once enjoyable
  • Issues with sleeping, whether it is too much or too little sleep
  • Changes in eating habits, such as overeating or under-eating
  • Feeling more irritable or agitated than usual
  • Feeling worthless
  • Feeling helpless
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Other mental health issues, such as anxiety


Reclaim your life

Talking to a depression counselor can reduce these symptoms with effective personalized therapeutic interventions. In a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment, we help individuals reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, and activities they once enjoyed. Our approach is one that focuses on strengths and solutions with the goal of regaining feelings of motivation, general emotional satisfaction, and hope.

Many choose to work issues related to depression individually; however, it can also be worked on with a significant other or with the whole or parts of the family. Couples and family counseling can help in cases the person experiencing the symptoms of depression does not recognize the need for counseling or has little motivation to begin seeking help.

At times, depression can be the cause that brings couples to couples or marriage counseling, as one partner may present less interested in the other person, based on general feelings of sadness or depression. Similarly, families may seek family therapy due to experiencing one of the family members as isolating, detached or irritable rooted in issues of depression.

We can offer the experience and training to effectively help you reduce the stressors that depression cause and live a fulfilled life.

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