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Do you want to feel closer to your significant other?

Do You and your spouse Constantly argue about, what seems like, everything?

Do you feel like you and your partner are not on the same path?

Have you recently discovered that your spouse has been cheating on you?

Has the topic of divorce been discussed but you don't feel like ending your relationship?

DO you want to find ways to rekindle your relationship?

Are you planning to get married and want to Make Sure you are good fit?

Are you ready to find solutions?

Line couples counseling

come home to peace & harmony

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Romantic relationships are an integral part of our lives. They can bring the best out of us, as well as the worst. It is a terrible feeling to come home to constant arguing, disconnection, may be mistrust, or even feel like you are living with a stranger.

We understand, that if you are looking at this website today, you are wondering if you can turn things around, and have the peace and harmony in your relationship you once used to have or you have been dreaming about.

We, as Couples & Marriage Counselors and parents in most cases, with wide experience of working with couples, we understand the complexities of romantic relationships. Relationships are beautiful; however, they are are also intricate and ever-changing. We offer an experienced, safe and confidential approach of couples counseling to our couples. We are passionately committed to helping you find long-lasting solutions to your relationship issues. To read more about us, please click here.

As you read below, we can help you and your partner find peace and harmony again.

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Are you dreaming of being able to talk with your spouse without hurting each others’ feelings?

You may be finding yourself at a point where you are arguing about everything. Arguments might be escalating to insults, threats, and even to a place where you simply prefer not talking to each other. 

COMMUNICATION is an integral part of romantic relationships. Whether you are dating, living together, or married, communication is where intimacy begins in your relationship. Marriage & Couples counseling can help with finding effective ways to communicate openly and in a safe way.


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Building TRUST

What if you could feel close to your significant other as you have always desired?

You, your partner, or both regularly doubt the other person in the relationship. You spend a lot of time checking each others phone, email accounts, questioning whereabouts and company. This is probably the source of many arguments and it is becoming an exhausting repetitive pattern. 

TRUST is a vital component of a relationship, and whether you are dating, living together, or married, trust is needed to generate a feeling of closeness. Through marriage & couples counseling you may find ways to build the connection that you have been missing.


Trust Issues Couples Counseling Therapy Plantation Florida
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Are you dreaming of finding that spark again with your spouse?

LOVE takes work. With so many areas to work in our lives, such as, careers, self-care, bringing a newborn home, raising children, sending children off to college, caring for an elderly, amongst others, our romantic relationships may take a deficit on the amount of time and dedication we give to them. With the different stages and demands of life, understanding how to connect with your significant other, may need additional work through couples or marriage counseling for a short period of time to overcome the difficulties that you are facing, and re-establish closeness and emotional intimacy. 

Other times, it may feel that you are giving everything to the relationship, and it seems that nothing is working. Whether you are dating, living together, or married, and miss the spark you once had, couples & marriage counseling, can help reignite your relationship.

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What if you could recover from an affair
and stay together?

In some occasions, AFFAIRS take a halt in the progress of relationships. Feelings of betrayal can be debilitating and a source of pain, and oftentimes can cause the end of a relationship. Seeking couples counseling can offer a place to explore ways to re-establish trust and re-define the relationship.  Many wonder if trust can be rebuilt in a relationship; however, it can be achieved, with commitment, time, and patience. Whether you are dating, living together, or married, couples & marriage counseling can help heal and redefine a relationship that was hurt by betrayal.


Divorce Counseling for Couples in Plantation
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Fighting Divorce Couples Counseling Therapy Plantation Sunrise Florida

Stop the
Divorce Talk

Do you wish you could stop the threats of divorce?

When DIVORCE comes to the table, it can be a scary moment. It may be the first time that this became an option, or it may have been a topic of conversation for a long time. You may have even seen a divorce lawyer before looking at marriage counseling as an option. 

Couples counseling can provide a safe place to explore the reasons why divorce is becoming an option as well as uncover solutions that transform your relationship to end the divorce talk. In the event that divorce is the solution, We can offer assistance and support in the process of ending the relationship so that both parties are left with a feeling of closure.

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Pre-Marital Counseling

Do you worry if you and your soul mate will be a good fit for marriage?

Pre Marital Couples Counseling Therapy Plantation Davie Sunrise Florida

When couples are PLANNING ON GETTING MARRIED many want to ensure if they are a good fit for marriage. Pre-marital counseling is a great way to explore areas or communication, intimacy, life goals, and to obtain or sharpen tools needed for successful long-term marriages.


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