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9 Effective Tips to Stop your Child’s Back Talk

Isn’t it exhausting to have your child continuously talking back at you?  Do you feel that he or she is testing your limits or challenging your authority? Does it seem like your child wants to defy you on what feels, everything? The unpleasant back talk is not exclusive to teenagers but children of all ages,…
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12 Strategies to enhance your child’s self-esteem

Are you worried about your child or teen’s self-esteem? Do you hear your child saying things like:  “I am not good enough”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m dumb” or “I suck at everything”? It can be scary, and sometimes even frustrating to hear your child talking about herself like that. As a parent, I want…
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7 Tips to Balancing Life With A Toddler

This article was featured in Life with a toddler is hectic. From the moment babies are born until about 5 years of age, they require a lot of our attention and are the most dependent they will ever be on the parent. From eating, drinking fluids, potty training, bedtime routines, changing clothes to countless…
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11 Warning Signs Your Marriage is Failing

What are the signs that a marriage is falling apart? As a marriage counselor, I get this questions asked all the time. Even though couples argue mostly about money, children, and sex, what matters the most is to understand the patterns that are getting the relationship in trouble. Patterns are, so to speak, the “root”…
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