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Get To Know Yourself After A Heartbreak

You never thought it would be possible but unfortunately, your relationship has ended. You are left feeling hopeless, alone, devastated and confused.   Things honestly suck right now. No better way to put it. This is especially true if the end of your relationship is also the end of a marriage. Ending that commitment takes…
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3 Tips for the Anxious Goal-Getter

Did you know that some of the most successful people experience anxiety? That’s right, you can feel anxious and still be the best at what you do! As a matter of a fact, anxiety is a core component of the ‘level up’ tribe. Those of us who are goal-getters stay up later and put in…
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5 Mental Health Tips for Women

As women, we often serve in many roles and capacities and rarely do we have time to stop, take a second to breathe, laugh or just question “what am I feeling today?” We’re depended on far more than we are expected to lean on others and often are carrying the weight of the world on…
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4 Tips For Rebuilding Trust In Recovery

Addiction is widely known to be a family disease. Those battling addiction, and their families, are faced with the grueling task of reconciling with the negative consequences that come along with this lifelong disease. A common challenge that loved ones inevitably find themselves confronted with is learning to trust again. While in active use, loved…
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