I would recommend Sofia to anyone.

When we started, I couldn't have a normal conversation with my daughter. After working with her, we can do all the typical mother-daughter stuff.  She talks to me and expresses her feelings openly now.  I never thought i was going to have this kind of relationship with my daughter.  Thank you Sofia.


Mother of a 16 year old,

We're happily married and in love again!


I first contacted Sofia because my wife and I were having trouble talking about our issues.  Like most couples we were happy, on the surface, but behind closed doors we were fighting, a lot.  We had become distant from on another and even date-nights were forced and awkward.  I was apprehensive about going to a marriage counselor because I thought that therapy was only for people who are really messed up.  I was wrong.


Sofia took the time to understand our individual perspectives, she listened and created a welcoming environment that didn't feel like "therapy" but more like we were all friends, just having a conversation. Even after our first session, my wife and i knew that things were going to be okay.  Sofia took the stresses away and cleared a path for rekindling our lost love for one another.  We saw Sofia for 8 weeks initially, once a week.  We still go back every other month, just to check in,  or when an issue arises that we cannot figure out on our own.  She is a real life saver, to say the least.  I've never felt better about myself and my relationship with my wife!  We're happily married, again!


If you are looking for a counselor who knows how to listen, makes you feel comfortable and will help you and your partner set achievable goals, contact Sofia Robirosa.   I want other couples to be as happy as my wife and I have become, thanks to Sofia.  That is why I am writing  this testimonial, so that others will realize that they don't have to be at the breaking point to see a counselor.

Thank you for everything Sofia.  We'll see you next week!

Happy Couple of 8 Years,

I finally feel like me again!

I thank Sofia for showing me the path to success.  Our family is closer than ever and i know how to handle stressful situations without freaking out.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a great therapist.


Father of a 5 & 9 year old.,

I love the new me!


I was tired of feeling down, depressed and lost.  I had been drifting away from the vibrant young woman that i used to be.  My family and friends kept telling me to see a therapist because i was just moping around all day.  I had been to a psychologist in the past but it was a little to "do this and don't do that," for me.  One of my friends recommended I call Sofia.  So I phoned her and we spoke about my goals and she asked if i had time that evening to see her?  Now that's service!


From the very first visit Sofia was kind, caring and didn't judge me for my past decisions or make me feel like I was nuts.  We worked together to create a "new path" for me to travel.  She took time to understand my situations, and issues and guided me through the obstacles.   Within the first few visits i was already noticing a difference in me.  It started to feel more like I was coming up with the solutions rather than her telling me what to do.  I found myself excited to see Sofia.  She didn't pressure me and tell me i needed to go to 20 sessions or anything like that.  I had about 9 visits with her over a couple of months.  Sofia showed me that I had the answers all along.  I just "needed help bringing the answers to surface" as she called it.


I feel great! I'm happy, my career is back on track and I even have a new boyfriend who treats me like a queen.   If you are anything like me, give Sofia a chance to show you how she can help you change your path.


Thank you Sofia.  I love the new me!


Lisa A.,