About Rehana Saleem

About Rehana Saleem, LMHC, MCAP, QS

Rehana Saleem is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Plantation who specializes in Girls and Women issues, as well as Anger Management, Anxiety / Substance Abuse Counseling. She is also a Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health Registered Interns.


Does your teenager struggle with anxiety, depression, or substance abuse issues? Is she getting bullied by others or having suicidal ideation? Are you looking for information on how to help and to obtain care for your child? I have great experience working with youth and adults. In my sessions, I teach how to cope with anxiety and panic problems, also I educate on how to get relief from depression. I also teach time management and anger management techniques along with different life skills to reach your personal goals.


Are you ready to find solutions?

I am ready to work with you. Are you ready? I have worked with several youth and adults with depression and anxiety to help them develop better coping skills and also helped them to understand and manage their everyday life issues or problems including in school or college environment.



Therapeutic Approach Happy-Woman-after-Individual-Counseling-in-Plantation-Florida

I am devoted to help girls and women especially, so they can have a safe and confidential place to talk about their issues. This can help them get back to a happy life. Specifically, I use cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation techniques during my sessions because these are found to be the best methods to help with such issues.




I have extensive experience working with youth and adults from various cultural backgrounds. I offer services to English, Hindi, Urdu, and Gujrati speaking clients. In addition to helping my clients find stability and fulfillment in their lives, I also spend time volunteering to help women and families. My cultural background has helped me understand issues in immigrant families with second-generation children.