About Nisheba Parker

About Nisheba Parker, MS.

Nisheba Parker is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapy Intern in Plantation specializing in Substance Abuse, Self-Esteem, and Anxiety Issues.

All too often we feel that the hardest people to sometimes love in life are our own family members. Family dilemmas have a way of making us feel consumed with confusion and ultimately stuck. Substance dependence can add an even more challenging layer to our confusion, and touches each and every family member. It takes a great deal of patience, understanding, and forgiveness to love someone who you may not agree with or just plain drives you crazy.

In therapy, I support families in exploring established concepts that leave them feeling stuck. By shifting this, we have the opportunity to experience more desirable narratives of our lives.

Are you ready to find solutions?

I support families and individuals with rewriting the best version of their lives while navigating life’s stumbling blocks. I am committed to serving with the creation of strong, stable, and healthy families.


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While in the field, I have had an opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals and families. I have particularly been touched by my work with families of addiction. I have learned to build a unique kind of relationship, one of collaboration and mutual respect between myself and my clients. For this reason, trustworthiness, respect, empathy, insight, and honesty are fundamental components of the work we do. Therapy can be an incredibly healing and transformative journey. I invite clients to take the first step on their journeys to happier, connected, and more fulfilling lives.



I am the owner of Thoughts and Things Therapy, LLC. I graduated from Nova Southeastern University. While I enjoy working with you, I try and practice what I preach and take time to love myself. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the rich culture of South Florida’s art, music, and amazing vegan foods. I also absolutely love playing with my dog and traveling.