About Kendal Barnes, M.S.

About Kendal Barnes, M.S.

Kendal Barnes is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Plantation who specializes in children and adolescent issues. Ages raging from 5 to 19.


Being a responsible adult is a difficult thing to be. It’s something that takes years and years to master and even then you are still learning how to do it properly. But learning how to be a responsible adult can be very challenging and is something your children, teenagers, and young adults eventually have to figure out.

Have you noticed your kid acting out more frequently? Are they doing poorly in school? Has your child been more distant and lonely? Maybe they are having a hard time making friends and figuring out what they want out of life.


Are you ready to find solutions?

What if your child could figure out the strengths and resources they already possess and use them to enhance their life? Or what if they could finally put into words how they are feeling and what they know is or isn’t working for them? Maybe they can learn to use their interests to assist them in building more connections with themselves and others as well as figuring out who they are.


For teens struggling with breakups and difficult life transitions, therapy can be a place to express themselves without fear of judgment. These transitions can range from switching schools, going through puberty, leaving home for college, or even just dealing with friendships. We can work together to find healthy and effective avenues to explore the limited possibilities before them.


Therapy can be a beneficial avenue for facilitating parents and their children to have more efficient communication with one another. It can also be useful in understanding both parties perspectives in situations and applying that towards dealing with conflict in a healthy manner.



Therapeutic Approach Happy-Woman-after-Individual-Counseling-in-Plantation-Florida

I believe in a collaborative and strength/resource-based approach to therapy. I will work WITH my clients to pinpoint the strengths and resources they are using or have used in the past that assisted them in getting where they wanted to be. I want my clients to feel heard and to know that their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are valid even if it’s not very efficient at times. I also believe that therapy is not a “one size fits all” situation, so I will tailor our sessions with the appropriate therapeutic approach and techniques that could be the most beneficial.


Some models I use:


Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: SFBT is a goal-directed, collaborative approach that focuses on the client’s present and future. It works well with children and adolescents because it doesn’t dwell on a “root cause” or the past, but is more interested in solutions to the problem. SFBT pinpoints the client’s strengths and resources they already possess in a way that assists in finding possible solutions.


Narrative Therapy: Narrative therapy is a collaborative approach that centers around the client being the expert of their own life. It emphasizes values, meaning-making, identity, and how the way we tell stories and the words we use shape our reality. This works well with adolescents who are trying to figure out what they believe in and “who they are.”


Mental Research Institute: MRI therapy looks at the context surrounding the problem and past solution attempts. It believes that we sometimes find ourselves in problematic cycles and its purpose is to understand the thoughts and behaviors around the problem and disrupt the continuation of the cycle. This works well in that it looks at all the aspects surrounding the problem, past solution attempts, and things that might perpetuate the problematic cycle.


Play in Therapy: Play in therapy is a form of therapy that includes “playing” as a means of helping children express and communicate their feelings. This could be in the form of art, music, games, etc.



I am the owner of Building Bonds Therapeutic Counseling, LLC. I have a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business from The University of Alabama, and my M.S. in Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.


Outside of the therapy room, you will probably find me looking for my next favorite brunch spot or at the gym. My fiancé and I are basically foodies and have a history of competing in bodybuilding/fitness competitions.