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5 Mental Health Tips for Women

As women, we often serve in many roles and capacities and rarely do we have time to stop, take a second to breathe, laugh or just question “what am I feeling today?” We’re depended on far more than we are expected to lean on others and often are carrying the weight of the world on…
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4 Tips to A New You Without Resolutions

So it’s a new year, but before you whip out a note of your resolutions -that we all try to keep but give up after MLK holiday- let’s take a moment to make changes that we can realistically keep. One of the things I LOVE to achieve with my clients is transformations that don’t require…
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6 Reasons To Be Grateful This Thanksgiving

6 reasons to be grateful this thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a very special day for me and my family. Every Thanksgiving, we get together and go around the table expressing what we are grateful for the year. It is truly an emotional moment for me. Well, I am a crier, and even though tears come out…
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