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4 Tips to A New You Without Resolutions

So it’s a new year, but before you whip out a note of your resolutions -that we all try to keep but give up after MLK holiday- let’s take a moment to make changes that we can realistically keep. One of the things I LOVE to achieve with my clients is transformations that don’t require…
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3 Tips for a “Stress-Less” Holidays

3 Tips for a "stress less" holiday   When you think about the holidays, do you smile, cringe or a little bit of both? The holidays mean a time of hope. It’s the end of the year, a time where we begin to think how we want the following year to be like. Our mind…
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About #TheDress: Changing our Filters

About #TheDress: Changing our Filters The dress story flooded social media and the news last week. I would see different posts about the dress multiple times a day on my news feed and twitter. The evening news had special segments on it. Some would have fun telling others what they thought the color of the…
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