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Spice Things Up: 50 Romantic Ideas for Dating Your Spouse

It’s a crazy race out there! Between demanding career and keeping up with the house chores –and the children, of course, getting home asap, eating something and watching a good TV show till you fall asleep next to your spouse sounds like a great evening, doesn’t it? This is called “routine” and it sounds like…
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How To Communicate Effectively With Your Spouse

Most couples are in love when they get married, and dream about having a loving and fulfilling relationship with their spouses. However, there is another fact about this long-term relationships: Marriages have ups and downs. So, in order to keep the dream alive, we need to learn how to get out of the lows. But,…
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How to Make Your Relationship Affair-Proof

HOW TO MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP AFFAIR-PROOF Many people, and maybe you too, wonder if there’s a way to make your relationship affair-proof. Is there a shield that can be built to prevent infidelity from sneaking into your marriage? My answer is: Yes! There are some measures you and your spouse can take from now on…
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The Secret for More Intimacy

I like to say that marriage is the cherry on top of the cake. The cake itself is a mixture of two people who are best friends, live together, enjoy each other’s company, and respect each other’s sense of self. They are “intimate friends”… What a sublime combination, right? But, what is intimacy? Many believe…
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