About Lori Brewster

About Lori Brewster, LMFT.

Lori Brewster is a Marriage & Family Therapist in Plantation who specializes in Individual & Relationship Counseling.


Are you in a relationship that feels like it’s lost that “wow” factor or spark? Perhaps you are having problems connecting and it feels like you are always at odds? Maybe you’re having trouble with trust, intimacy, and/or overcoming challenges? You don’t really date anymore and things just feel routine. Ultimately, you are not satisfied and you’re probably wondering “Is this really what my relationship is always going to look like?”

Or, are you struggling with grief and/or anxiety? That heart pounding, shaking, sweating, swirling thoughts, can’t shake the doom type of experience? Or, the lingering sadness of loss is paralyzing and isolating you from the rest of the world that just keeps on going?

Are you ready to find solutions?

I have been working in the helping field since 2001 and it is my true honor to join couples, families, and individuals as they embrace change and overcome obstacles that they are dealing with. The BEST compliment I have received in this field is to get referrals from clients I have worked with. This means to me that something about our therapeutic relationship has been valuable. It is my deepest hope that the work we do together adds value to your life!



Therapeutic Approach Happy-Woman-after-Individual-Counseling-in-Plantation-Florida

Are you a couple? The couples I work with seem to truly value the unique “couple to couple” approach that I do with my husband, Rashawn Brewster. This joint approach means there are 2 therapists listening from a male and female perspective and offering support to couples with their relationship goals. We work with couples for many reasons including just starting out and wanting to do pre-marital counseling as well as those already in an established relationship/marriage and who desire to increase connection and intimacy, improve communication, heal from a regrettable incident, build trust, and many other relationship challenges.

Rashawn and I get it- it wasn’t always easy for us either! That’s part of what inspired us to begin a journey of learning effective principles and tools that seem to lead to a more loving and fulfilling relationship. Over 10 years later, we are now sharing our expertise with others by helping them elevate their relationship to new and more fulfilling heights!

I also work with individuals- predominately those that deal with anxiety and grief! Anxiety can look like overwhelming worry and fears, trouble with self-expression, and intense physiological symptoms such as heart racing, sweating, and shaking. For grief, this may look like a cloud of sadness and loss being glued to your everyday experiences. Perhaps you are having difficulty processing the loss and/or you are isolating and avoiding others because you either don’t want to hear what they have to say or you have no words yourself. Being stuck in an anxious cycle or being overwhelmed by grief and loss is really difficult. Joy feels far away in these moments. I am here to work with you through it. It’s not always easy but we will go at a pace that works and hopefully get to a new place of comfort, peace, and maybe even a bit of joy.

My early years in the helping field primarily involved working with children and youth. And, while I mainly see adults now, I still very much enjoy utilizing play therapy techniques to work with children and youth who are having difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings pertaining to grief and anxiety.

Hopefully, therapy with me will not feel boring! I utilize traditional talk therapy methods but may also incorporate creative approaches (art, poetry, play, movement, etc.) to help keep the process interesting and engaging. Curious? Give me a call and we can talk some more about what I offer.



I love the work I do- I’ve worked in a clinic, church, hospital, schools, with families in their homes, and now in private practice. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the proud co-owner of Elevating Relationships, LLC.

I’m a native Floridian with some roots in Tennessee. When not working, you might catch me kayaking or biking, at my church, painting or writing poetry, or just relaxing. And, my heart is with those I love so spending time with my husband, puppy, family, and friends is always a top priority. Life is short- so live well while you can!